Les Terroirs de Marrakech Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml


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Le Terroir de Marrakech Ancienne Oliveraie is an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil which comes from an old centenary orchard on an estate in Marrakech. In the beautiful flat land at the foot of the High Atlas, where even Baron Rothschild used to cultivate his grapes, you find the historic centenary olive grove belonging to Mr Breton. Their family carries on this century-old tradition producing what is likely to be the best pure Moroccan extra virgin olive oil produced. This invaluable oil, with a limited production of 25,000 liters and its 0.4° maximum acidity, is hand-selected from the best Picholine du Languedoc olives.

Flavor Profile:
A well balanced, almost sweet, early harvest oil with a fresh herbal taste. It features mild fruit, green apple and artichoke notes, and a distinct peppery finish. Le Terroir de Marrakech Ancienne Oliveraie is an exclusive product with a genuine taste which retraces the story of its terroir to the nose and palate.

Imported from Morocco. 500 ml bottle.

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