Ariadne Pure Petimezi 250 ml

Ariadne Pure Petimezi 250 ml

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Petimezi is a naturally sweet whole grape syrup, produced by cooking and concentrating the grapes used for winemaking. It is a natural sweetener used from ancient times as a healthy substitute for sugar. It is found in many Mediterranean cuisines. The Greeks call it Petimezi, the Italians, Saba, and the Turks, Pekmez.

Its taste is unique. It has a thick and syrupy body and leaves a slight bitter undertone. Petimezi is rich in iron and is a strong antioxidant. Ancient Greeks used to drink petimezi dissolved in water as a healthy and refreshing drink. 

Petimezi can replace balsamic vinegars and be used to dress salads and meats, or to pour over ice cream or pancakes. It also goes great with goat cheeses and mascarpone. For fun, try it as a topping on Greek yogurt and as a sugar substitute when making sweets.

This product contains no alcohol, no preservatives, no coloring, no flavoring, no sugar, and no sulfites. Ariadne Pure uses the best of our natural resources and never creates any waste to harm the environment.

Imported from Greece. 250 ml