Our Restaurant Menu

When you visit The Shop Agora, you are treated to the fantastic aroma of something cooking, whether it's one of our house made soups, spanakopita, pastisio or meatballs, or any one of the many delicious possibilities on our select menu. Please join us for lunch or dinner – seven days week!


AVGOLEMONO a traditional Greek soup to warm
the soul! made with chicken, rice, egg and lemon,
with fresh baby spinach to top 8

FAKES GREEK LENTIL hearty lentil soup with carrots
and potatoes, served with Greek feta 8

FASOLADA WHITE BEAN served with fresh lemon
juice and Greek feta 8

*all soups are served with house made crostini*


WHITE GIGANTES rich and buttery Greek giant bean salad
served chilled with olive oil, chopped veggies and olives 7

GREEK GREEN organic mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber,
olives, Greek feta and house vinaigrette 9

ROKA organic arugula with controne spicy Marcona
almonds and Pico goat cheese, finished with a citrus
olive oil 9

KALE with garbanzo beans, roasted red peppers,
apples, walnuts, and fresh squeezed lemon 9

BEET roasted organic beets over arugula, topped
with Valdeón blue cheese, truffle almonds and
maletti balsamico 10

add grilled chicken, falafel, or sardines to any
salad for $3


HALLOUMI cheese from Cyprus – the cheese that

grills! Served with fresh lemon wedges and a side
of pita 9

BURRATA ALLA PANNA Italian fresh cultured
cheese served with homemade crostini brushed
with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt 10


KALAMATA CROWN FIGS wrapped in pancetta, stuffed
with Valdeón blue cheese and truffle almonds 6

DOLMADES stuffed grape leaves with tzatziki and lemon 7

SPANAKOPITA a traditional pastry with Greek feta and
organic spinach wrapped in fillo – a house specialty 8
(add a side of tzatziki! $2)

OLIVE PLATE a variety of Mediterranean olives served
with a side of warm pita 9

KOPANISTI a spicy specialty dip made with Mama Lil’s
peppers, Greek feta and a hint of mint. Served with
warm pita 9

SPREAD SAMPLER four traditional Greek spreads served
with warm pita bread 9

RED GIGANTES Greek giant beans and spinach served
warm in tomato sauce with a side of pita 9

CHICKEN SOUVLAKI marinated in lemon extra virgin olive
oil and grilled to perfection, served with tzatziki 9

SARDINE BRUSCHETTA spanish sardines served with fresh
vegetables and lemon zest over Macrina bread 10


GYRO served with house made tzatziki,cucumbers,
tomatoes, onions, Greek feta and a side salad

lamb & beef (Scratch the pita and make it a salad! 12)
grilled chicken 11 (Scratch the pita and make it a salad! 14)

FALAFEL served with house made tzatziki,
cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, Greek feta and a side salad 9
(Scratch the pita and make it a salad! 12)

POLENTA yellow corn polenta over tomato–carrot sauce
and topped with italian mushrooms 14

PASTITSIO traditional Greek style lasagna – layered with
ground beef sauce and béchamel, finished with cinnamon
and served with a side green salad 14

STUFFED EGGPLANT toasted onions, zucchini and ground
beef stuffed in delicious eggplant, topped with pecorino
romano and tomatoes. Served with Greek feta and warm
Macrina bread 15

wine onions, organic mixed greens and sundried tomato
butter on a Macrina bun, served with a side green salad 15

BOUREKI sautéed onions, mushrooms and ground lamb,
mixed with Greek feta and wrapped in fillo. Served over a
bed of organic mixed greens with a side of skordalia garlic
mashed potatoes 16