We’re in the prime time of the year as the days keep getting longer and hopefully sunnier! Cheers to taking advantage of these gorgeous spring nights!

This month’s selections include:




Shiny, bright, pink with a vivid and captivating aroma. Fresh wild strawberries fill your nose as a silky and expressive mouthfeel pans out to an easy, velvety, and radiant finish.

Rezabal is a family owned winery located in the Basque country of Spain in Zarautz and belonging to PDO “Getariako Txakolina”. The winery features the latest technology, using most traditional methods. The tradition of centuries preserves the characteristics of the Txakoli, and the technology is serving quality. With a vineyard of ​​22 hectares planted in a traditional high trellis system, there are two native varieties that define Rezabal Txakoli: Hondarribi-Zuri and Hondarribi-Beltza. ​Both varieties benefit from the consent sea breeze blowing in the vineyard daily, bringing great freshness, salinity and acidity to those wines. Naturally fizzy, it is traditionally served poured from a height into the glass.

Pair with seafood and summer salads with strawberries.



Kitchen sink blend of red and white varieties (9 red and 7 white)

As the name implies this 16-varietal field blend is gulp-able and easy drinking. Fresh, light bodied, low tannin that’s full of fresh herbs, strawberries, stone fruits, wet stones, and straight up deliciousness.

The Parra family’s pursuit came from the devotion of the three brothers (Francisco, Javier, and Luis) to find a sense of place in their home of La Mancha. They founded their property with the conviction to organically and biodynamically farm every vine under their care. The Parra family works two large vineyards in La Mancha near the town of Las Messas (The Tables), totaling some 445 acres, or about 180 hectares. One of the vineyards is named Entresendas (Between Paths) and sits within the dried river bed. Entresendas benefits from the rich, alluvial soils, common to old river beds and perfect for the cultivation of grapes. The other vineyard is officially named Olla del Monte (Cooking Pan in the Mountain), but is known locally as the Cuesta Colorá because of the colorful scarpland soils of chalky clay covered in a fine layer of pebbles that hold the day’s heat well into the night. This blend was co-fermented in conjunction with Bodegas Ponce to create a unique, eminently quaffable, delicious wine.

Try it chilled! Pairs well with a nice, sunny porch and enjoyable company.



Croatina 70%, Nebbiolo 10%, Vespolina 10% and 10 other local varieties (even white grapes like Erbaluce and Malvasia di Boca)

From 440 to 470 m above sea level in Boca village. The area consists of more then 10 little vineyards in the old “Maggiorina” system, the highest vineyards are steep and formed by terraces. They proudly keep some vineyards planted with the traditional “Maggiorina” system, with three vines developing upwards in the four points of the compass, to form a goblet.

For hundreds of years it was the only system used in Boca. The system is perfect for manual labour, and cannot use any modern agricultural machines. “Maggiorina” has been continually perfected for manual maintenance. They have learned, contrary to the generally accepted views within modern and mechanised agriculture, that their trellised vineyards should be cared for by hand to attain the highest quality, and they see their “Maggiorina” as a great heritage dating back to at least Roman times.

Their original vines were planted in 1915, although since 2010 they have been working with the famous ampelographer Anna Schneider from the “Università Agraria di Torino” to restore the old vines in order to not lose the biodiversity of the old clones and varieties. The combination of its soil and microclimate provides a fortunate opportunity for the region of BOCA DOC.

The soil is volcanic in origin and is unique in Italy. The moderate climate of the Lower Alps characterized by high autumnal temperatures, together with intensive sunshine thanks to the south facing position and with high temperature changes, creates optimal conditions for perfect maturity of the grapes. The vineyards embedded between the surrounding hills are protected against cold Alpine winds. The purposefully small yield is favorable to produce healthy and mature fruit grown in the secluded situation of the vineyards situated within a nature reserve surrounded by forests with rich flora and fauna.

Great with summer salads!



100% Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Intense red with light dark purple reflections, considerably complex in aroma with balsamic and fruity notes combined with spice. Full bodied and powerful on the palate with a rich, chalky tannic structure. Pleasantly light spicy notes of vanilla run through the palate. 

Di Donato Fabio, oenologist and winemaker for his small company, has a passion for nature and respect for traditions. In a valley at the foot of a historic pass, halfway between the most impressive mountains of Abruzzo, is where he was born and therefore decided to cultivate his land. His goal from the beginning was to tell about his territory through his wines. He achieves this through cultivating only native vines because he believes that only they, after hundreds of years of adaptation and evolution, can fully express the characteristics of the area. He uses only products of natural and mineral origin for the agronomic struggle that, therefore, do not alter the balance of the ecosystem. In the cellar, fermentations take place in a natural way by exploiting yeasts and bacteria present on the grapes.

Pair with your barbeque deliciousness!



30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Franc

Soft, clean, fruity and solid-bodied. A subtly built red blend. Nice fruity aromas of berries, some herbal aromas and nice oaky notes. Medium finish with silky tannins.

Over the centuries, heroic winegrowers have tenaciously terraced the steep marly slopes below the little village of Krasno to plant their vines. This unique land produces distinctly mineral authentic wines, with a character only found in Slovenia’s Goriška Brda region. This sub-Mediterranean climate offers a mixture of warm sea air and cold Alpine winds. Grapes are harvested exclusively by hand and fermented in stainless steel. They mature in very large wooden barrels for 12 months.

It’s only Tuesday? Yes, yes. This will pair with any meal on a Tuesday.



100 % Tempranillo

Intense ruby red. Aroma of red fruits (strawberry) in good intensity in conjunction with spice, vanilla and oak notes. On the palate it is fresh, soft, balanced, with the fruit well integrated with the notes of oak, vanilla and light toast.

Above all, we are grape growers. Since 1870, a period spanning five generations, the family has been dedicated to the cultivation of vines and the production and ageing of the best wines of La Rioja. They have been able to pass down from father to son both knowledge and tradition yet, at the same time, adapting them to the new advances in technology and always maintaining their respect for the soil and the vine. The quality of the great wines is not a result of sheer luck. It requires personal effort, knowledge and passion of the earth and the complicity of the weather. Nothing is predominant, everything is important. This is the result of hard work of a family with a philosophy that have been passed from generation to generation: to give back to the earth everything that it has given to us through the meticulous elaboration of our wines. In the wisdom of our ancestors, they showed us the importance of the connection with the earth. The memory that is built from affection is indelible. And it is that things, if they are well done, are forever.

Pair with a gorgeous steak or grilled veggies, asparagus salad and roasted potatoes.

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