Paella! Pantry Collection
Paella! Pantry Collection

Paella! Pantry Collection

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This month we bring Spain to you! Each product in our Paella! set is hand selected to showcase the staples of Spain. But most especially, that classic dish, paella.

The Paella! set Includes:
As Pontis - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
O-Med - Rosé Vinegar
Matiz Espana - Paella Rice
Matiz Espana - Azafrán Saffron
Rey de la Vera - Picante Paprika
Matiz Espana - Pipira Peppers
Mama Lil's - Kick Butt Spicy Peppers
Arroyabe - Anchovy Fillets in Olive OilOrtiz 
Matiz Espana - Honey Largueta Almonds with Olive Oil and Salt
Blanxart - 82% Congo, Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

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